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sponge roller


Gorgeous weather...rain showers...



Training today..? Interclub tournament..?


With the new

sponge roller

you will be ready to play in no time at all!

Tricky situation?

Sandy and wet hands, muddy splashes on your clothes before the game starts… This is all history with the sponge roller !

1 Soak up the water

  • light and with high water absorption

  • Easy on the tennis court

  • For clay courts, grass courts and hard courts

  • For ground keepers and members

  • For tennis schools

  • For tournaments

2 Squeeze out the water

  • Integrated squeezing device

  • No need to bend over and kneel

  • The water runs off vertically

  • Clean hands


sponge roller


The new sponge roller technology will delight you!

In just a few minutes all the water puddles are gone from the tennis court and you are ready to play.


Order now online via PayPal or cash in advance!



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Switzerland plus 8% of VAT

EU export without VAT

Swiss product - No customs duties.




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Dual Press System allows squeezing from both sides.

2-part pipe with a practical hole to hang up on a wall.

269 CHF
plus 8 % TAX




2 videos show how easy it is to use!

Left Video --> real-world test on the clay court

Right Video --> ... that's why you'll switch to the sponge roller!



Cher Mr Rissi,


Vos 4 rouleaux éponge nous ont très bien aidé les jours de pluie.


Merci beaucoup pour votre produit qui est très satisfaisant.


Matthieu Morin



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additional references and experiences from other users with the sponge roller in your region are available on inquiry